Greenways, Inc. - Planning and design for open space, parks, trails and alternative transportation.

Strategic Planning

Chuck Flink can assist your organization in the preparation of a strategic action plan for your project, greenway, trail and open space system, or your organization. Chuck has provided similar services for a variety of clients across the United States, including for example, The Susquehanna Greenway in Pennsylvania; Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, South Carolina; Capital Area Greenway System in Raleigh, North Carolina; Las Vegas Open Space and Trails in Las Vegas, Nevada; and Lafitte Greenway in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Visioning Greenway and Open Space Systems

Chuck will work with your organization to facilitation visioning for your community greenway and open space systems. If you are starting from the very beginning, Chuck can work with your community to define the basic functions, operations and benefits of community greenways and work to organize and set up the system. If you have a greenway and open space system in place, Chuck can conduct a review and offer strategic advice on areas of the system that should be updated and modernized to meet the needs of your community.

Operations and Management Program Plans

Chuck has authored greenway and open space system operations, maintenance and management plans for several communities. He can accomplish the same for your community. If you have never adopted a formal O&M Plan, Chuck can work with you to outline the fundamental components. If you already have an O&M Plan in place, but are in need of a independent evaluation and update, Chuck can work with agency staff and community leaders to complete the evaluation and author changes. Typically, O&M Plans address the variety of greenway and open space facilities within a defined community-wide system. Chuck can help to craft state-of-the-practice solutions that govern operations, costs associated with operations, sources of funding, and duties and responsibilities.